Get Lost!

Woah, woah, woah–before you leave, I want you to understand what I mean by “get lost!” So stick around, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and keep on reading.

Getting lost in the music has been a phrase tossed around for years. But what does that exactly mean? This phrase denotes immersion into something, specifically music. Musicians should lose themselves while performing. It has the same effect, when people sit down and engross themselves into a good book. You tend to lose all track of time. You also lose sense of where you are, and in turn, find yourself in a completely different world altogether. It’s quite fascinating, really. Fascinating, in that, you can almost transport yourself into a seemingly alternate reality.

I tend to hold the view that most artists are at their musical best when they find this release. Now, this has the exception with those that are mind-and-body given to an alternate reality–losing all sense of musical ability in its fleshing out. However, if you can channel this creative energy positively, then you can unlock a possibly unknown potential with yourself. This goes without saying, but you must, must, must believe in what you are singing. Completely.

Viewers and audience members can tell when an artist fully believes what they are singing. It is rather obvious. Contrastingly, when someone is on stage, performing, they are just that. Just someone who happens to be playing music and singing. Nothing more. An artist who gets lost inside the words and melodies of the piece they’re playing will be contagious to their audience. You will have more people going home humming, breaking out that guitar that has been sitting in their closet for decades, and try to learn again how to play.

Getting lost inside the pieces you play, inspires a sense of contagiousness. So….GET LOST! Practice. Immerse. Perform.

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